Belle Baby Carrier Review

Lucky Kid!

I love the Belle Baby Carrier I just received it as a gift and now it has become the gift I give to all my friends.It is a far improvement over anything else on the market! I love the ultra soft lining and the trendy look. My third baby is so lucky!

Lisa Cole - Centennial, Colorado

Belle Baby Carrier Review

Attention Grabbing

I wore my Belle Baby Carrier on my recent trip to VA and it was wonderful!  I also got tons of compliments on it in the airport =)  One woman even stopped me to find out the name of it and then immediately called someone on the phone to tell them the name!

Dr. Janet Hurlburt, MD & daughter Scarlet

Belle Baby Carriers Review

Quality Grandma Time

Using the Belle Baby Carrier makes spending quality time with my grandson exciting and enjoyable! I love how I can walk for hours with him strapped to me without it hurting my back or neck.

Sharon Tarnutzer - Logan, Utah

Belle Baby Carriers Review

Making It All Possible

The Belle Baby Carrier makes life possible.  Because of Belle, baby James is able to help me vacuum, clean the kitchen, finish Grad-school, and climb through lava tubes. Thank you Belle!

Nicelle Davis- Lancaster, California

Belle Baby Carriers Review

Used It Every Single Day

I don't normally do this, but I wanted to write and let you know that  I bought one of your carriers on Friday (it's now Monday) and I have used it every single day! I love it so much and even more importantly my baby LOVES it too. I went on a 3 hour hike the first day I had it and he slept the whole  time.

Thank you for a fantastic product. I love everything about it and I love that it is local!

Whitney & Baby Ray- Laporte, Colorado

Belle Baby Carriers - Amy Waters & Brian Letson Review

Snug & Comfy

We received the Belle Baby Carrier as a gift and LOVE it!  We first used it when our baby was 3 days old when we went for a walk – the baby was snug, comfortable, and slept the entire time. We especially like the chic cheetah print, which is a big hit in our neck of the woods!

Amy Waters & Brian Letson - Oakland, California

Belle Baby Carrier Review

We Are Hooked!

We were recently introduced to the Belle Baby Carrier by Inventista, and we are hooked! It is, without a doubt, the most comfortable and versatile of all baby carriers on the market today. We use it around the house, around town and also on hikes. Killian, at 4 months old, completed a challenging, 11-mile hike over an 11,000 foot pass, while comfortable and secure in the Belle. He faced out when he was awake and faced in when he fell asleep. We hiked for over 5 hours, and we were always comfortable carrying him because the Belle allowed his weight to be distributed to the hips rather than relying exclusively on the back and shoulders. I can't say enough good things about the Belle and have recommended it to all my friends with babies!

Brittany Ladd - Steamboat, Colorado

Belle Baby Carriers - Hope Review

Hip Mama

We love it and feel über hip!

Hope - USA

Belle Baby Carriers

PhD Not Necessary

I just wanted to share my thanks for such a wonderful product. I have tried two other baby carriers and were so frustrated with all of the fabric (baby sling) and misc snaps, buckles, and zippers. I felt like I needed a PhD in baby wearing to put the product on and situate the baby correctly. Within three minutes of opening the belle box I was carrying my 7 week old around the house. I love the simplicity!! And the fabric is lovely. It is so snuggly my little one rubs his cheek against the inner lining and goes right to sleep. What a great product!

Anne West - Atascadero, California

Belle Baby Carriers

Claustrophobia Not An Issue

I just received my baby carrier today and my baby and I love it!  I think I own every baby carrier style possible.  My 6 week old did not seem to like any of them. I think she is a bit claustrophobic, but she really loves the belle. We've used it twice today and she falls asleep instantly in it and is immediately calmed.  She feels close but not too strapped in, essential for both of us in this hot weather.

Thanks again for designing a great product.  it is clearly very well made of fine materials.  We love the inner fabric and the cheetah fur outer.

Liz & Baby Ada


Belle Baby Carriers

Live & Learn - The Belle is Best

I got my Belle Carrier and am SO glad I purchased it. Oh my gosh, it's incredible! This is my third carrier and was a little nervous spending MORE money on ANOTHER carrier...but I'm glad I did. It is SO comfortable, it's almost hard to believe. Compared to the carrier I've been using, it's hard to believe they are even the same concept, it is such a MAJOR difference in comfort. I also have a larger carrier which I do like but that is more for hikes and longer excursions due to its bulk and the fact that the baby can't face out. My daughter is almost 8 months so she really likes to see the world...and we have gone on numerous errands, water the garden daily, and she "helps" me with laundry and vacuuming. She loves it. Every time she sees me strap it around my waist she gets noticeably excited or calms down if she's fussing.

I'll be honest with you - if there was a place that I could have tried ALL carriers on I would have only purchased this one. Live and learn! Thanks for a great product - it makes me want to get another one! LOL!

Andrea Mayes- Rockford, Illinois

Belle Baby Carriers

Baby Loves The Belle

I LOVE THE BELLE and so does my baby.  I put a screaming baby with a tummy ache in it and she immediately drifted off into slumberland. She is attached to me now, as I can actually get some work done.

I have TONS of slings. Almost every kind available on the market (I am a baby store!) and like my other daughter, this one is just not a fan of the sling. She won't go in it almost at all. With my last, we used the Bjorn.

I was hoping a sling would work with this one, but it didn't - so glad you guys approached me. This is far more comfortable than the Bjorn and even at 3 weeks old, she is supported. So...great product!!!!

Julia - Jaminga Baby

Belle Baby Carriers

Small & Versatile

I have been using the Belle baby carrier for almost seven months now. This is by far the most versatile baby carrier that I have tried. The Belle is small & does the job great. I just nursed my baby to sleep while typing this note with the Belle.

Adam & Chantel Hockstein - Logan, Utah

The Belle Is Simply The Best

My husband and I love the Belle and recommend it to all of our friends! We can hike for hours in the Belle, and we'd all be perfectly comfortable. I love that the Belle allows your baby to be snug next to you, rather than having a piece of material in-between. I loved the convenience of being able to nurse while wearing the Belle; it's so easily adjustable!

It's very safe and easy to put your baby in the carrier alone. We really like the fact that this product in engineered and manufactured locally. And, it's simply the coolest looking carrier out there! The icing on the cake is that it was so easy to contact the company and get an immediate response to any questions I had about the carrier. It's a small company, which equates to big service. We tired so many different carriers, and the Belle is simply the best.

Karen Beesley - Boulder, Colorado

Comfortable Yet Secure

I recently tried the Belle baby carrier on a short hike in the mountains with my 7 month old son, and he had a great time – he was very comfortable and loved being able to watch his surroundings.  The carrier is very lightweight - comfortable for both parent and child in the summer - and it distributes his weight evenly between the upper and lower back.  Its one piece design also makes it easy to put on, and there are no extra buttons or snaps to fumble with.  I would highly recommend it to parents of young children.

Chutaporn Charnsangavej, MD - Aurora, Colorado


Thank God for ... the Belle Baby Carrier!

I have a 10 week old daughter that I'm using the belle carrier with. First let me say that i'm usually wary about ordering over the internet. However, your emails assured me that I'd receive the carrier and love it. And I did! I was so excited to get the carrier in just a few days and I was able to pull it out of the package and use it immediately! I thought 'd be spending a day or two reading the instructions before use-but not so!! I love this carrier because it is not big and bulky like so many of the carriers on the market. I also love this carrier b/c it is so easy to use. Thank God for brilliant engineers and the belle baby carrier! Bless you and if i've any questions I'll be sure to ask. Thank you so much for your time!

Julie Stutts - Rocky Mount, North Carolina

The carrier...feels light

I can travel with it easily because it folds up very small. When I'm wearing it, my baby feels securely attached to me, but the carrier still feels light and I can move around easily.

Jennifer Brown - Boulder, CO