New Improved Design

Head Support for belle baby carrier

Belle Baby Carriers are better than ever! We've redesigned our carriers to take pressure off the baby's legs, and we've lowered the top edge of the carrier to allow smaller babies with neck control to face out sooner.

Most importantly, every Belle Baby Carrier now comes with a detachable head support panel. This panel is lightweight and compact and fits in a purse or jacket pocket. It provides additional head support for larger newborns and older babies who fall asleep in the carrier. It can be easily attached to or removed from the carrier while you are carrying your baby. Each panel is lightly padded and is made of the same fabrics as its matching carrier.

To attach the head support panel:

1. Position the head support panel so that the straps face out and the velcro tabs are toward the top of the panel. The panel will be placed inside the top edge of the carrier.

2. Undo one side of the velcro and run the strap underneath the carrier's shoulder strap just below where the body of the carrier is sewn into the shoulder strap, and then attach the velcro. Then do the same with the other strap on the other side of the carrier.

3. If any part of the bottom edge of the head support panel is outside the carrier, tuck that remaining part into the carrier. The panel will drop down and settle in the right position inside the carrier.